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In the field of construction project management, Naimat Builders & Associates offers a range of services that encompass project planning, project budgeting, and determining the completion timeframe for a project.

Project Planning: This involves identifying the specific objectives of the project, developing a comprehensive scope of work, defining the deliverables that need to be achieved, creating a breakdown of tasks and activities through a work breakdown structure, establishing realistic timelines for each task, and carefully selecting the members who will form the project team.

Project Budgeting: We determine the project budget by conducting a thorough assessment, developing an accurate cost estimate that takes into account all necessary resources, creating a financial plan that outlines the allocation of funds, considering possible scenarios for contingencies, and identifying potential areas for cost savings without compromising the quality and standards of the project.

Completion Time: We meticulously analyze the project to identify the critical path, which consists of the tasks that directly impact the overall completion timeframe. By setting a realistic project schedule, defining significant milestones, and implementing effective management strategies, we ensure that the project progresses smoothly and is delivered on time.

Our overarching objective in providing construction project management services is to ensure the successful completion of projects, meeting all established objectives, while staying within the allocated budget and adhering to the agreed-upon timeframe.

How We Works

1. Project Initiation & Communication

We defines the project’s scope, objectives, and constraints, while also establishing clear communication channels.

2. Task Planning & Scheduling

After project initiated, We creates a detailed project plan includes defining task, assigning resource, setting timeline and establishing milestones.

3. Execution & Monitoring

Our project manager oversees the construction activities. Continuous monitoring and reporting on progress, budget, and quality

4. Closure & Evaluation of Project

After project completion, we ensure that all deliverables meet the agreed-upon standards. We also conduct final evaluation with documentation.

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